The tools used in the process of introduction before styling your hair such as

1) Comb
There are several kinds of combs that are frequently used in the activities, i.e. the large comb, comb, comb the handled regular, comb and comb hair polishing brush.
a  large Comb), used to ease the comb after washing the hair and eliminates tangled tangled-in hair.
b ordinary Combs/Combs without a stalk, his teeth most rare and most are serrated, used to make partings and blocking as well as removing the tangling.
c Handled Comb, used to aid in the manufacture of partings, blocking, pincurl, and scrolling.
d Brush Combs is a comb used special brush, with uneven teeth. Can be made of hard plastic/elastic materials metal (metal) or bone.
e Comb hair polishing/hairbrush made of pliable plastic material used for brushing the scalp and hair as well as the final brush, can also be a tangled hair to straighten.

2) Rolling the hair
Hair is composed of rolling rolling rolling cylinders and konoid.
a) Rolling cylinders, is that both ends have the same shape and size. This will form a rolling the volume or the skin, and indentation or Valley. Rolling consists of several sizes, ranging up to large-size small.
b) Rolling konoid (rolling cone) is rolling a conical frustum. This rolling will shape the curls smaller on one end. As seen in the following figure.
Rolling the hair

3) Hair Curler
Besides the hair clamp is used to establish the rolling roll, also used for the manufacture of pincurl. Clamp the hair there are made from metal and some are made of plastic.

While the shape, there is a single-stemmed and some are two-legged. In addition to clamp the hair, to establish the roll can also be used for rolling plastic skewers. Then there is the clamp that can serve the duck to clamp the hair in the Setup process, as well as useful serrated clamp to clamp the hair at the time of making the partings, blocking, trimming and perms.
Hair Curler

4) Bottle applicator and bottle spray (spray bottle)
For a place setting lotion.

5) Hair Nets and Earplugs
Hair nets primary function is to maintain a rolling or pincurl which has been manufactured from wind round inside the hood dryer. While the earplugs function is to protect the ears from the heat and wind over the inside hood dryer.
Hair Nets and Earplugs

6) Drogkap, Hairdrayer
Works to dry the hair that's been rolled up and covered with nets.
Drogkap Hairdrayer

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