Braiding can be a social event with friends

Everyone is unique. Close your eyes and think of your friends and family. What makes each of them different and special? One thing you might think of is their hair. It may be blond, brown, red, black, white, or gray. It might be short or long. It could be straight, wavy, or curly. It could be thin or thick. Do you like to wear your hair down? Or do you prefer pulling it up into a ponytail or pushing it back with a headband?

Braiding can be a social event with friends

Braiding is a fun way to weave your hair into interesting designs. Braids are like art on your head! You can braid your own hair. Braiding can also be a social event. Practice on a friend, and let your friend practice on you. Learn how to do basic braids. Then try the styles in this book. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own ideas to create a unique braided hairdo of your own!

"All Kinds of Hair The type of hair you have often depends on your ethnic group and the traits passed down by your parents. You might have very straight, dark hair or very tight curly spirals of hair. You may have long, thin, blond hair or thick, red hair. Try braids on all types of hair to see how each hairstyle works for different people."

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