Basic tools to prepare before braiding the hair

Always start your braiding projects with clean hair. You should also comb it well to get rid of knots and tangles. Always be gentle with your hair. Don’t pull too hard as you comb it, and don’t wear your ponytails or braids too tight. It is better to braid your hair when it is dry instead of wet. Wet hair can stretch and break.
Basic tools to prepare before braiding the hair

Here are some tools you need to braid your hair:

• Tail comb—A tail comb has a comb on one end and a pointed stick on the other. The stick end helps you make parts in your hair.
• Hair elastics—Use elastics made for hair to secure the ends of your braids. Don’t use rubber bands. They can break your hair and hurt when you take them out. Tiny hair elastics are good for smaller braids.
• Bobby pins—These hairpins are bumpy on one side and straight on the other. They help hold down stray hairs and keep braids in place. Push them into your hair with the flat side facing your scalp.
• Holding clips—These big plastic clips help hold hair out of the way while you work on another section.

Here are some decorations for your hair:

• Headbands, tiaras, and scarves—to wear on the top of your head
• Combs, barrettes, and silk flowers—to decorate the side, top, or back of your head
• Ribbons, scrunchies, and beads—to wear at the end of your braids

The Important Part
“Your hair probably has a natural part where it falls along a line from your forehead toward the crown of your head. You can also make your own parts when you need to divide hair into sections. Run the pointy end of a tail comb gently across your scalp to make a line through the hair. Take the hair on one side of the line and hold it out of the way with a holding clip while you work on the other section.”

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